Why Preserve The Milk Teeth Of A Child? Rich In Stem Cells

Losing the first tooth is a sign that we are growing and becoming bigger. But what happens with milk teeth when they fall? Many parents keep them as a sentimental keepsake, but many simply discarded. According to researchers, they can be of great benefit.

 Milk Teeth: Rich Source of Stem Cells

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During the study from 2003 found that these teeth are a rich source of stem cells that are like enabling to develop into many different types of other cells, if necessary. This means that, if at a later stage of life a child needs to replace the fixed tissue for some reason, the stem cells of the milk teeth could be used to create the right tissue.

Milk Teeth’s Potential To Save Lives

In practice, the storage of milk teeth has the potential to save lives and cure various disorders. In many cultures the loss of milk teeth is associated with the Tooth Fairy, it is believed that they bring good luck. In many places there are different traditions in this regard. It turns out that milk teeth could really be helpful, but a little farther away from the magical way and more in medical.

Stem Cells And Containing Them

From the data of the said study makes it clear that milk teeth contain stem cells, and if preservation quickly after their fall, stem cells can be kept for years and serve in case of medical problems later in life.

Crucial in this case teeth to keep “fresh”. Like everything else, the stem cells can also distort and lose its potential over time. So they should seek proper ways of storage.

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