Snoring Will Disappear Forever! You Just Have To Take a Toothbrush and Evening …

Snoring is a very unpleasant phenomenon. The person who snore causes many inconveniences to the person sleeping next to him. In addition, snoring prevents a healthy sleep and prevents the brain from being properly supplied with oxygen at the end of the snoring person feeling tired and sleepy all day long.

The main reason for snoring is usually swelling of the tongue, which in turn means problems in the liver. Only by restoring the good work of this body you can get rid of snoring forever.

But there is a temporary alternative salvation. By massaging the language base, you can forget about a tedious problem for a while.

To do this, just follow these simple guidelines.

Open your mouth.

Lightly tangle your tongue.

Do what the doctor is doing when viewing your throat with a wooden stick: just with your finger, press your tongue toward the jaw (you can use sterile gloves) to access the base of the tongue.

With circular massaging movements, push it toward your chin.

When you swell the base of the tongue, when you fix it, it will be a bit painful. Adjust the pressure at a comfortable level. You just have to go on the massage until the pain passes. Then increase the pressure until you feel slight pain again. Repeat until the unpleasant sensations disappear.

Voila! Now you can safely lie down and not annoy your loved ones with snoring. Another important point – such a massage in the tongue is that there may be a reflex of vomiting. Read below how to avoid it!

Take a toothbrush and move it from the top to the base. This way you will determine where you are affected by the vomiting reflex.

With a toothbrush, massage the place at a particular point. But do not try to go any further. Massage can be done during evening toothbrushing or specially at your convenient time. Continue for ten seconds. This is a very unpleasant but necessary procedure that will help you reduce sensitivity.

You will notice that after a few days of the procedure, this reflex will not be so active. Continue with the exercise if possible and increase the time of the massage and the massaging area.

Keep in mind that achieving the desired result will not happen quickly. It may take about a month to reduce the emetic reflex. Do not stop trying after the first day.

If, after stopping the reflex suppression exercises, he returns, repeat the massaging course.

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