3 Unique Ways To Protect From Dry Cracking Skin On Hands & Fingers During Winter

In winter wind and cold can cause serious damage to our skin and make our hands rough. Smooth, supple and soft in September, the skin of the hands we can become red, chapped and rough only two months later.

The Main Reason of Dry Skin During Cold Months

The answer is – lack of hydration. In winter the humidity drops out and things get even more unpleasant when you get warm as artificial heating has the same effect on the skin. Furthermore, if you wash your hands too often, it can “wash” the natural oils in our skin. It is able to put our hands dehydrated, rough with scaly skin and even bleeding.

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3 Tricks To Prevent Dry Hand’s Skin During Cold Weather

1)  Gloves

Yes, this may be the most obvious advice, but it is worth repeating. Wearing gloves is key when it comes to protecting the skin of the hands. Especially if your skin is sensitive, it should put gloves in the shortest stay out. Thus effectively protect your skin from harmful external influences.

2) To use “softer” soap

Too heavy soaps are not recommended if you want to keep the skin of your hands soft and gentle. The reason is that they contain very aggressive ingredients that are able to dry and literally wash away the natural elements.

3) Hydration, hydration, hydration

Skin hydration is critical for the care of our hands year round, but in winter it is even more important. Besides regular application of moisturizer, experts recommend from time to time to put the gloves immediately after, for about 20-30 minutes. Thus we contribute an easier and more effective penetration of the cream into the skin.

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