Parsley Tea – a Proven Cure For Kidneys And Not Only

Parsley tea is a real curative elixir that’s worth reading. Because he successfully copes with any pain associated with renal activity and digestion. Cleanses the kidneys by destroying the stones in them – only after two months of prophylactic drinking of the potion, your kidneys will work as new ones.

Tea is also used as an alternative healer for prostate and uterine cancer, and also relieves painful premenstrual pain.

To prepare it, you need 1/4 teaspoonfuls. fresh leaves parsley (dried not used) and liter of water. The green is poured into the water after it has boiled and left to boil for 5 minutes. To take advantage of the full power of the herb, you can leave it under the lid for another 30 minutes, then strain it. The curative waters have a specific taste that you may not like, but with an infinitely fresh and refreshing scent of greenery. The prepared amount is drunk three times a day.

Reduces high blood pressure, reduces harmful cholesterol

Tea also helps to reduce the level of harmful cholesterol (in this case you should drink at least three months) and also to lower high blood pressure. It unblocks veins and arteries and cleans up unnecessary substances from the walls of the blood cells.

In women, the effect of this tea is felt even after its one-month daily intake – it is evident first in the easier passage of “those days”. Folk medicine even recommends it for post-natal restoration – faster healing of tears as well as weaker pains and easier bleeding.

For weight loss

Apart from all the other benefits, tea from parsley also enters diet programs for weight loss. Gradually, it activates fat burning, with every day taking it more efficiently. The high content of vitamins takes care of smooth skin, good vision and a stable immune system, and the fibers contained in it contribute to the regulation of metabolism and proper metabolism.

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