Does Cumin Really Help Remove Obesity? Yes It Does, Study Confirms

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One of the most effective and healthy ways of losing weight is speeding up your metabolism. This can be achieved by the consumption of several natural foods. However, if you wish to increase the speed of the metabolic process further, it’s a good idea to pay attention to spices as well.

Study confirms: Cumin Helps Rid of Obesity

The scientists of the Medical Science University of Iran conducted a study with 88 overweight women. They were separated in to two groups and were provided with healthy food for 12 weeks. Each person’s food consumption was less than 500 calories per day. However, their diets were differentiated by the use of spices. While both groups consumed 140g of yoghurt on an empty stocmach each morning, the first group’s yoghurts were mixed with 3g of cumin while the second group didn’t consume any cumin with their yoghurt.

The Women Which Consumed Cumin Got Better Results in Losing Weight

Amazingly, the first group gave far better results than the second group of women by a loss of an extra 14 pounds. They also reduced 14.64% fat while the second group could only reduce 4.91% fat.

The amazing properties possessed by cumin such as the high level of Fisterole can prevent the Cholesterole retension in our body. This is what makes the body’s metobolic process to become faster in turn helping in weight loss.

Cumin: Big Aid When Trying to Lose Weight

Cumin is a great agent of weight loss.  Spice up your weight loss routine by this method and obtain quick positive results!

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