Challenge Yourself To Lose Weight This Month With “The 30-Day Slim Down Challenge”

This is the challenge you have been waiting for. For the next 30 days, lose that disturbing body weight and feel freedom for yourself. Our 30 days challenge covers all the scope of weight loss including workouts and diets which if followed properly, guarantees your slim down dream. This has just come at the right time when you have taken resolution to love your body and get healthy.

Full Body Workout Scheme To Get In Shape And Lose Weight

We have compiled a full home workout scheme to slim down your shape and equally provided a diet advice to help you through this year. A great year is ahead for you as you join us in this challenge. Our calendar contains seven powerful exercises that helps burn your fats, this includes watching Anna Victoria a fitness sensation on Instagram and a trainer as she presents how to go about these moves.

While you will have to repeat the exercises on a weekly basis, you need to add reps as you tag along. We are challenging you with the combination of these exercises and our exclusive diets which are the major adjustments you need make for the next 30 days to grab a perfect body. Your dream body figure is just on the way.

The 30 Day Challenge Exercises For Weight Loss

Plygo Push-up – Lose Weight Exercise

plyo push up to lose weight

This involves at first maintaining a plank position with your palms then push to leap into the air clapping your palms if possible and returning to the initial plank position. Do thus repeatedly.

High Knees Sprint – Lose Weight Exercise

high knees sprint
This involves a spot sprint where you have to raise your knees perpendicular to your abdomen while you pump your arms which are in a bent position.

Speed Skater Lunge – Lose Weight Exercise

speed skater lunge for weight loss

While you stand, take a jump with your right foot towards the right position, bend your left leg to cross it behind the right landing in a deep Lunge. While keeping your butt low, keep your right leg at a right angle and slightly bending the ball of your left leg. Twist your body while moving your left hand to reach the floor across your body. You could make it simpler by reaching for the shin or just twisting right instead of touching the floor. Do the reverse and repeat the process.

Jump Switch Lunge – Lose Weight Exercise

jump switch lunge

While you stand, step forward with your left foot, bend your knees at 90 degrees. From the position, jump high as you could do this as you swing your hands over your head, switch your legs while in the air. Your hands should be by your side and your right foot forward as you land. Bend your knees as quickly as you land. Repeat in alternating moves.

Pilates Teaser  – Lose Weight Exercise

pilates teaser weight loss exercise

Lie down with your back to the floor and facing up, lift your knees to bend over your hips. Stretch your arms and keep your palms facing each other. Start by raising your body up from the head extending your legs to be in a sitting position. The position of your body should be in a V shape, keeping your arms and legs parallel to each other. Stop at this point and fold together back again until your shoulder makes contact with the floor, then repeat the process over again.

Squat Jack – Lose Weight Exercise

squat jack weight loss exercise

First stand, then drop into a squat with your elbow in front of your chest bending at sides, holding a tight fist. Jump while spreading your feet wide apart, swinging your arms out toward the sides and then upwards to meet over the head. Then squat again and continuously.

Burpee – Lose Weight Exercise

burpee weight loss exercise

While you are standing, rest your palms on the floor, while you crouch. With a jump move take your feet back to be in a position of plank, keeping your abs tight. Take your chest and thighs low to the floor, push up to the normal plank position, then, jump with your feet towards your arms. From this position, jump high as you could ensuring that your feet are below your elbow. Clap your hands over your head as you jump. Repeat faster now.

Cut Down The Diets

Now we have talked about the workouts to perform, let us now go to the diet aspect. These two things work hand in hand to give you the greatest possible result at the end of the month. While you take up the exercises, you equally need to incorporate the diet plan so that your slim figure in the next one month is assured.

The 15 Days Plan to lose Weight

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1)  Lose the blame 2) S. M. A. R. T goals  3) Dump added Sugar  4) Say no to refined carbs  5) Drop the alcohol
6) Plan ahead 7) Give room for spontaneous indulgence 8) Watch your grains intake 9) Eat when you are sure to be hungry 10) Take a walk
11) Always eat your breakfast 12) Avoid junk foods 13) Keep orocessed foods at zero 14) Shop for whole foods 15) Prepare for meals

Lose the Blame: At this point, you need to understand that blaming yourself and having a feeling of shame is not helping anyone, therefore keep it aside and get to work.

DAY 2:
Set S. M. A. R. T goals: Setting a goal you are working towards to is a very vital part of achieving anything you want to do. When you think about weight loss, think about a grand goal you need to achieve. Your goals have to be specific, attainable, time structured and most importantly result focused. Now begin with a goal list for your weight loss.

DAY 3:
Dump Added Sugar: This is a little sacrifice you need to make for this program to work. It is a challenge after all. All those sugar hiding in place waiting for you, give them up, as they make up for the extra sweetness, that comes up to cause heart disease.

DAY 4:
Say no to Refined Carbs: Refined carbs digest quickly and more so, do not give any of the contents of Fibre given by the unrefined ones. Go for the natural unrefined ones, you will be grateful you did.

DAY 5:
Drop the Alcohol: At the beginning of the challenge, you need to say no to alcoholic drinks for the mean. Don’t worry later you will get to know where to fix drinks in your diet.

DAY 6:
Plan Ahead: During the course of this challenge, you need to plan for your choice snack or treat before hand. This will keep you less indulged.

DAY 7:
Give Room for Spontaneous Indulgence: Sometimes with reasons, you can give in to the temptation of craving once a week.

DAY 8:
Watch Your Grains Intake: We know grains are good, but for what it’s worth, grains contains calories, therefore you need to cut down whole grains in your diet to 3 servings daily.

DAY 9:
Eat When you are sure to be Hungry: Before you go on the next time pouring foods into your mouth, make sure you are not just bored, or stressed. You really need to be hungry before eating.

DAY 10:
Take a Walk: Taking a walk round the neighbourhood breaks boredom and sets you free from temptations to eat unnecessarily.

DAY 11:
Always Eat Your Breakfast: Keep your overindulgence at check by going for a breakfast that is balanced and high in fiber and protein.

DAY 12:
Avoid Junk Foods: We know that junks have the power of attraction, that keeps you wanting more, but for this challenge, say no!

DAY 13:
Keep Processed Foods at Zero: Most though not all processed foods are often high in refined starch, and saturated fats, even sugar. These will cause inflammation consequently disrupting the hormones that lets your brain know you’re filled. Keeping you daring for more.

DAY 14:
Shop For Whole Foods: Now, you need to replace your junk and processed foods habits with whole and fresh foods. Go for vegetables, fruits, healthy fats and lean protein.

DAY 15:
Prepare for Meals: Plan ahead of time during meals preparation, whether you need to cut, chop, slice and so on. On time preparation is the key to success.

Image Credits: Anna

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