Stay Healthy Equals Stay Hydrated! How Dehydration Is Keeping You Sick

Dry mouth. Rough, wrinkled skin. Heart beating uncontrollably. Head pounding like a hammer, following the same beat. Tiredness, fatigue and a heavy weight! Serious dehydration is the cause of this unpleasant and concerning appearance, as it triggers kidney, digestive, skin and bladder problems, as well as symptoms such as tiredness and headaches.

A Well Being of the Body is Impossible Without a Good Hydration

Hydration is a crucial necessity to reach our well-being, which is why sipping small amounts of water throughout the day is the best way to ensure it. For instance, rather than drinking coffee every morning, drinking two glasses of water after waking up is the best alternative, as it normalizes your blood pressure.

Regular water intake quenches your thirst unlike any other drink. It boosts your metabolic rate and also lessens hunger, which makes it perfect for weight loss. On the other hand, the lack of daily water intake leads to several problems that deteriorate your health:

Exhaustion – Up to 60% of the human adult body is water, as it requires this liquid to carry out many of its functions and processes properly. Without it, the work of enzymes, which are substances that speed up chemical reactions, slows down, causing fatigue.

Allergies and asthma – dehydration forces the body to restrict the airways in order to save up water, causing problems of this nature
Bad cholesterol – dehydration triggers the production of cholesterol, which causes many complications in your body as it reduces the blood flow through your arteries

Bladder and kidney problems – dehydration produces an accumulation of toxins and waste in your body, the perfect surrounding for bacteria that produces problems these two organs to like inflammation, pain and infection in these two organs.

Constipation – the lack of water stops waste from moving smoothly through your intestines.

Joint ache – dehydration weakens the reparation and composition of the cartilage paddings on your joints, as they are mostly made up of water.

Weight gain – dehydration generates overeating as the brain doesn’t discern the difference between thirst and hunger.

Premature aging – the lack of an adequate water intake prompts the early wrinkling of organs, for instance, the skin.

High blood pressure – without enough water, the blood thickens and restrains its from properly flowing, triggering a high blood pressure.

Skin problems – dehydration provokes problems like psoriasis and dermatitis.

Digestive problems – gastritis, ulcers, and acid reflux occur as a result of low amounts of water and alkaline minerals like magnesium and calcium
Various studies also reveal that drinking 16 ounces of water before all main meals and lowering your food intake both reduces and maintains your weight effectively for more than a year.

Experts Take on Water Consumption and Why it Matters!

Experts explain that augmenting the water consumption by a liter and a half in one year contributes to burning approximately 17,400 kilocalories (5 pounds). Furthermore, the benefits of drinking water and avoiding dehydration are immense, contributing to an improved health and overall quality of life.

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