Ginger’s Endless Capabilites: Natural Chemotherapy Against Cancer

Ginger is a root used historically for many medicinal purposes such as treating digestive problems. Usually added to meals as a flavor, it has remarkable health benefits thanks to its potent antioxidants which possess anti-inflammatory properties.

Ginger as a Powerful Agent Fighting Cancer

Research conducted by the University of Michigan Comprehensive Cancer Center on ginger’s anti-cancer effects reveals that ginger serves as an efficient cancer treatment that prevents the proliferation of cancer cells, similar in power as a chemotherapy. The main substances that compose its properties include gingerols, paradolas and shogaols, which are phytochemicals that scientists hope to study in depth in search for the ideal cure to this severe disease.

How Prostate Cancer Reacts When Treated With Ginger?

A study examined ginger’s effect on mice diagnosed with prostate cancer. After they were fed with 100 mg. of ginger extract per kg. of bodyweight, the results astonishingly revealed that the extract reduced the size of the tumors and stopped the disease from progressing in 56% mice, causing no side-effects at all.

Breast Cancer Cells Exposed to Ginger

Another study involved breast cancer cells exposed to ginger. This root was not only capable of destroying a great number of cells (symptoms before they evolve) , but it also reduced the number of signal molecules inside them, which were responsible for stimulating their spread. These results give scientists hope of potentially transforming ginger into a breast cancer cure in the future.

Ovarian Cancer Versus Ginger (the Cell Death Emerging)

When testing ginger with ovarian cancer cells, scientists discovered that it triggered apoptosis, or programmed cell death, helping patients recover from their treatment.


Scientific studies shows ginger as having great potential for becoming an excellent cancer treatment, possibly becoming the basis for further research to find a cure against these deadly diseases. Scientists suggest adding ginger as part of your daily diet to prevent cancer, recommending 4 grams of ginger per day for adults, 1 gram for pregnant women and children.

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