Bronchitis Early Signs – How to Get Rid of Chronic Bronchitis Through Hydration

Cough is a concomitant symptom of many diseases – especially those typical for the transitional seasons, especially winter. Along with her cold, moist air and weakened immunity are also constant companions of bronchitis. That is why in winter it is especially prevalent among diseases.

Bronchitis Isn’t a Harmless Disease!

Bronchitis is actually an inflammation of the lining of the bronchi caused by infection. It can occur alone, for example, after a walk on a cold wind, or be a complication of another disease – influenza, orville, pharyngitis.

First Signs That You May Have Bronchitis

The first signs of bronchitis are scratching throat and hoarse voice, then these symptoms are added and dry cough that increases at night. After 3-4 days it becomes moist. Sometimes bronchitis increases the temperature, but it is rarely very high.

If the disease is severe, may occur shortness of breath and pain in the ribs. The average disease duration is about 2 weeks when patency is restored and bronchial cough passes.

Don’t Ever Neglect Bronchitis!

If bronchitis is not treated , it can become chronic. Chronic bronchitis is a serious disease that is often exacerbated lungs gradually sclerosis appearing lung failure and shortness of breath at the slightest load, pathological changes in the heart sclerosis lungs can not saturate the blood with oxygen). Among the complications of acute bronchitis are such serious diseases such as pneumonia and emphysema of the lungs.

Curing Bronchitis With Hydration

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In the first stage of the disease when a cough is not accompanied with wet phlegm, medicines can enhance mucosal inflammation. During this stage should be taken warm milk, hot tea, warm mineral water. The large amount of liquids contribute to the dilution of sputum and removal of toxins from the body. But if you have heart problems, asthma, psoriasis or eczema, better refrain from such treatment.

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