Oxygen Inhaling To Burn Belly Fat Through This Japanese Technique

The Japanese method is not an ancient art like other things that are linked to the Japanese culture such as martial arts or diets and eating habits. It is a very recent yet incredibly effective method that helps not only to burn fat but also to relieve back pain and much more.

Discovered by Miki Ryosuke, a middle-aged man from Japan, this method was initially tested to work as a back pain reliever or a breathing help. However, Ryosuke after trying it for back pain eventually received several other benefits on his body, including the loss of more than 25lbs and more than 4 inches of waist size, and all of that in just a few weeks.

But what makes this exercise so intriguing, is that it only takes a few minutes a day to practice, so practically anyone can do it and get its benefits. Take a peek further and learn more!

Why the Japanese Method Works

Many see of the Japanese method as a breathing exercise, others see it as a long-breath diet. And it could be both of those, as it consists of taking a 3-second breath and then exhaling to make a stronger 7-second breath and then exhale once again and repeat.
It is simple and straightforward, done in just a few minutes but highly effective. Many Europeans doctors recommend breathing exercises like this for weight loss because they do work.

By inhaling more oxygen than usual, your fat cells start degenerating, splitting into carbon and water which are eventually easier to get off your body. So, the more oxygen you inhale, the more fat you burn. Of course, it’s not exactly the most effective method for burning fat, but as a breathing exercise, it’s surprisingly useful.

How to Do the Japanese Method

  • Stand straight with hands at your sides and then push one leg forward and the other leg back.
  • Strengthen your buttocks and maintain most of your weight with your back foot, without creating too much tension to avoid injury.
  • At this position, start inhaling for three seconds while lifting your arms, then exhale fast.
  • Then inhale once again with your hands up for seven seconds and then exhale once again for seven more seconds.

Doing this will give your lungs enough oxygen to transfer all around your body, killing fat and helping you improve your overall metabolism. By perming this exercise only once for up to 10 minutes straight, will give any person all the benefits from a well-oxygenated body, while also strengthening your buttocks and legs, and maintaining your body free of fat.

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