Passive Belly Fat Burning: 10 Superfoods For A Flat Stomach (Science Backed)

If you are trying to shed some belly fat, consuming these 10 foods along with your exercises will be a great boost to your weight loss program. This is mainly because burning belly fat and building muscles and abs require 20% exercises and 80% diet planning.

If you are not 100% convinced, just think of the time you worked out so hard but couldn’t achieve the six-pack abs you were hoping for. This is because of not consuming the right food along with your workout.

Having a balanced diet is one of the crucial requirements to gain abs and to keep them. While consuming the below 10 foods for a flat stomach, it’s also important to stay away from processed food and food with a high sugar content. Since processed food may contain toxins and harmful ingredients, their consumption causes health problems and weight gain.

Eat These 10 Foods Rich in Nutrients to Burn Belly Fat : Proteins, Carbohydrates & Fats

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Carbs are usually something you should reduce the intake of when you want to lose weight. However, oats are actually healthy carbs which can help in burning fat. You can eat whole oats for breakfast such as steel cut oats or rolled oats (not processed oats). As they contain carbohydrates and fiber which gives you energy to last the whole day.

Consumption of a diet which consists of dietary fiber and whole grains can lower cholesterol reduce the risk of heart attacks and blood pressure. When you prepare oats, you can add cinnamon, protein powder, nuts, chia seeds etc. But avoid adding sugar. You can also soak the oats overnight in unsweetened dairy milk in jar. If you eat oats for your breakfast with some whole fruit, you will not be hungry until lunchtime.

Whole Eggs

You must have heard the advice telling you to eat egg whites when you’re on a diet. But believe it or not, that advice is not valid anymore.

In the past it was believed by scientists that dietary cholesterol elevated the cholesterol level in blood. But now it’s well known that the culprits for rise in blood cholesterol are fats and trans fats. Those days eggs were considered unhealthy and some people still believe in this myth today. However, recent scientific studies have proven that eggs can lower the level or bad cholesterol and increase the level of good cholesterol as well as having a large amount of nutrients essential for us.  It’s advised to buy farm-raised eggs at all times as they are rich in omega 3.

Consumption of eggs can make your hair and nails look nourished and give a glow to your eyes due to the high level of protein and biotin found in them. To prepare a healthy breakfast, cook eggs with coconut oil and avocado and serve.

Cayenne Pepper

Capsaicin found in Cayenne Pepper is what makes them taste hot. This substance can cause a process called thermogenesis which brings body back to a warm temperature by burning fat in a cold temperature.

Cayenne Pepper can be considered a fat burner due to this reason. The fat burning process or thermogenesis occurs when the capsaicin found in Cayenne Pepper binds to heat receptors in the body. In addition to Cayenne Pepper, other spicy food and peppers are also known to increase metabolism and help in curbing appetite.


Avocados are also a food which is misunderstood in terms of fat and fat burning. Most people believe that avocados have a high fat content and are not good for consumption when you’re trying to lose weight. But this is completely false.

Avocados are also a source of healthy fat which can help you lose fat. Although this is the case it’s not advised to consume too much of healthy fats as well. Due to the composition of fiber, folic acid and fats in Avocados it can keep your tummy full for a longer time which will stop you from over-consumption of food.


Stop snacking on refined carbohydrates and crackers and have some almonds instead!

Almonds are a great source of healthy fats which can lower your risk of cardiovascular disease and reduce belly fat. They are also known for helping brain function, strengthening bones and teeth, preventing heart attacks and reducing bad cholesterol. Be sure to take unsalted whole almonds when you can!


Lemon is one of the best ways you can use to lose weight and lose belly fat. This is because lemon can remove the toxins in your body.

This detoxification property of lemon helps you achieve a healthy and clean digestive system. And it helps to absorb all the necessary nutrients from food during digestion. Add the juice from half a lemon to a warm glass of water and drink as soon as you get up in the morning and before you go to bed.

Lean Meats

Some of the best sources of protein are gained from lean meats such as chicken, salmon and beef.  They provide healthy proteins and also other types of nutrients.

Out of the lean meats, the best to consume are grass-fed beef, organic chicken and wild-Alaskan salmon. Salmon which provides healthy fats known as omega 3 is one of the best lean meats to continue for healthy living. For a dinner with all the necessary nutrients cook lean meats with whole grains or vegetables or add it to your salad and serve!

Dark Leafy Greens

It’s not a secret that dark leafy greens are great for your health. They are composed of anti-cancer nutrients, antioxidant nutrients and anti-inflammatory nutrients.  And they also have low calories and high amount of fiber.

You can have them for any meal: raw, cooked, juiced or blended. Just try to consume as much leafy greens as possible.


Quinoa is sometimes used as a substitute for rice as it has a similar consistency and a similar cooking process. This is a complete protein which is composed of all the essential amino acids. Quinoa also contains healthy carbohydrates, antioxidants and is gluten-free. Although Quinoa does not technically belong with grains, it can be used as a substitute for grains and bread as well.

You can also try a mix of Quinoa and rolled oats for breakfast.


Apples can be consumed as a snack or even for a main meal. As apples are considered one of the best fruits with health benefits, it’s a good intake for your body and to lose weight. They contain vitamins, minerals, pectin (known to reduce hunger) and antioxidants. Apples can be taken as snacks because they make you full, are satiating and also give you a small boost of energy.

You can try them in salads, as a side dish for breakfast or as an afternoon snack!


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