4 Types Of Food That Eats Your Bones – Preventing Calcium Digesting

‘Restricting’ it is just as harmful as overconsuming some foods. But when choosing our daily menu, it’s a good idea to know which ingredients can damage our bone system and how well we can take them. Some meals and beverages, especially in combination, can prevent our body from digesting calcium.

Avoid Carbonated Drinks To Save Your Bones

Scented drinks contain phosphoric acid that prevents our body from absorbing calcium. Be careful with them and, if possible, limit them. Chips, delicious salami, powdered soups are just a small portion of foods that contain salt in very large quantities. They “help” the body to lose calcium, so be careful with their use.

Bovine liver is the best source of vitamin A. However, if it is too large in the body, it starts to trigger the process of osteoclast activity or self-destruction of the bones.

Avoid Too Much Alcohol

Alcohol prevents osteoblasts (bone-building cells) from absorbing minerals such as calcium, which in turn weakens the bone structure.

Avoid Too Much Coffee (Caffeine)

Coffee, especially if we overdo it, contains a caffeine that prevents us from absorbing calcium.

Avoid Food Containing Grease

Foods with hydrogenated grease, like any packaged sweet stuff, popcorn … Read the labels very carefully!

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