Massage 8 Finger Points To Relieve Menstural Pain, Headache, Cold & Flu (Pictures)

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What do we do if we suffer from headaches, fatigue or stress? Of course, we drink a cup of coffee, eat something sweet or take a pill. Stop for a second and look at your hands, hiding the secret of health and well-being. Our body is a very mysterious system. Just one touch of the desired point can greatly improve your condition. Improves well-being, mood, even thinking and working becomes easier.

Finger Points – Reflexology To Improve Well-Being

There’s a whole science called reflexology. It studies bioactive points in the body. Eastern healers believe that the cause of all health problems is the blocking of energy flows. Active massage removes blocking and restores energy flows. Many of these points are on our palms and fingers. If you put pressure on the right area, you’ll notice the results. Let’s see what exactly can be cured of these points and where they are.


Before taking any pain medication, try massaging the toe or the area between your thumb and forefinger. The point of the head is at the tip of your thumb if you massage it gently for a few minutes – the pain will decrease.

headache relieve

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Pain In The Neck & Back
If you are worried, you experience pain or stiffness in the neck or back, start massaging the toe tip (from the top of the head) and gradually move to the wrist. It is precisely in this order that the points responsible for the spine are located. Massage until the pain disappears. It is necessary to repeat both hands.

neck and back relieve

Cold & Flu
If you feel the first symptoms of a cold, massage the cushions on all your fingers, except for the fingers of both hands. There are points responsible for the frontal and nasal sinuses. The disease must pass.

cold and flu relieve

If you can not fall asleep, you should press the middle of your thumb. The massage should last from 30 seconds to a minute on both hands. Take the massage every day before going to bed, then the body will go into rhythm and the quality of sleep will improve significantly.

insomnia relieve

Digestive Issues
Stimulating these points is necessary for those who suffer from heartburn, abdominal swelling and frequent disorders. The points of the stomach and intestines are on both hands around the base of the thumb.

digestive problems relieve

Menstruation Pain Relieve
If you experience pain in the lower back or the lower abdomen during menstruation, do not just take the pills. First massage the points that are responsible for the operation of the head and genitals. The head point is at the tip of the thumb, and the area responsible for the operation of the genitals is on the wrist. This massage will help relieve spasms, especially if you are lying down and relaxing.

menstrual pain relieve

Stimulating the area responsible for the respiratory system will help solve problems such as shortness of breath and coughing. This area is just below the base of the fingers, almost in the center of the palm.

cough relieve

Improving Well-Being
If you feel tired, you need to massage the point that improves well-being. This is the point of the solar plexus, which is on the inside of the palm.

Put your hand with your palm up and press your thumb right in the center. The massage of this point on the palate calms. Reduces stress, nervousness and fatigue. If you do such a regular massage, you can get rid of even depression and anxiety.

improving well being

Don’t Neglect: Stimulate The Special Hand Points

hand massage with oil for relieve

Stimulating individual points on your palms and fingers is very useful. But no less beneficial is the massage of the hands as a whole, it will help to improve the blood circulation, restore the lost energy and regulate the flow in the body. If you do this regularly, you will notice obvious improvements in your health.

Massage should be started by gently rubbing the palms and hands. You can apply cream or oil, improve gliding and nourish the skin.

If you feel pain somewhere, focus on this place longer and massage carefully. In our limbs there are many nerve endings, especially in the hands Do not forget that these are only aids that do not help everyone, and in case of more serious symptoms you need to visit a doctor.

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