20 Fat Burning Foods To Eat Now & Melt Fat In The Shortest Time

Nowadays, it is the in thing that everyone wants show up on a perfect body figure. But one problem has always persisted which is finding the most effective way to shed that extra skin. Over the years, a lot of methods has surfaced and promised to help you burn your body fat in which some are effective and the others are not or rather even dangerous for you.

And now you want to burn that annoying fat that has been disrupting your actual appearance. You do not know what method to apply, but do not worry for in this article I have made it easier for you as I have compiled a list of the most effective foods that will help you burn your body fat.

The Foods that have Proved to be Effective in Fat Burning

Are you looking for those foods that will help you burn your body fats, search no more for we have done the research for you and have provided the list of the most efficient fat burning foods. These foods are going to give you maximum result in the lowest period of time. These foods includes:

1) Experts Recommend: Almonds

Experts have recommended the daily consumption of nuts on our various diets for a healthy living. Almond is one of the most effective foods that can help you burn up your extra fats quickly. It is best used together with a cup of warm lime juice for better results. In addition to the ability to burn body fats for a healthier living, almond also enhances the memory capacity of the brain helping to improve our overall concentration.

2) Experts Recommend: Green Tea

This is next after almond in the burning of fats. A green tea contains no calories and can tremendously increase metabolism. All you need to do is to form a habit of drinking green tea, just 3 to 4 cups of green tea in a day will do the magic. Green tea goes a long way to stabilize your appetite level improving blood circulation. This is a natural way to burn fats for both women and men which you should try out. Lipton Green tea or Tetley is a good way to start.

3) Experts Recommend: Fish

Another natural and simple way to burn fats is by including fish in your food menu. Fish is protein in nature and leads to a healthy body with strong muscles and body structure. Fish reduces calories by 50 percent especially when it is baked or steamed. Fish can be made into various foods, it can be eaten with brown rice in form of curry, or maybe in the form of tuna sandwiches, or the common cheese burger.

4) Experts Recommend: Grapefruits

This is a very crucial part of your fat burning diet. Nutritionists and dieticians make use of grapefruits more often because of its nutritional benefits that will help you to lose weight easily. Grapefruits can be taken in the form of grape juice or raw as it is. It contains vitamin C, which makes it easily digested. It is light and healthy. Accommodating grapefruits in your foods routine has a lot to benefits for your health in addition to your burning of fats.

5) Experts Recommend: Apples

Eating more apples can lead to weight loss by burning up accumulated fats. If you make eating apples a significant part of your daily routine, you tend to develop a feeling of satisfaction and become more active through the day. It helps you avoid cravings that are unnecessary. Apples can be consumed in many ways such as apple juice, a part of fruit salad, or just as a snack in the evening. Just make apples part of your diet, eat it when you feel like you need something sweet, avoiding drinks that are not good to the health. Apples are the most common and easily found fat burning foods.

6) Experts Recommend: Whole Grains

Grains are very important to health and wholesome for the body. To lose weight and burn up fats you need to incorporate a lot grains into your daily diet. Grains involves the use of various kinds of foods that are in grains, these include brown rice and wild rice, jowar, plain popcorn, wheat, multi grain and brown bread, bajra and other types of grains. You can start your fat losing journey by incorporating maybe for lunch brown rice and for dinner chapattis. This will greatly help you to burn unwanted fats.

7) Experts Recommend: Vegetables

Vegetables work tremendous magic within few months of vegetable diets, you can now watch your body figure fully transformed. This is an utmost fats shedding diet for burning your body fats. Just eat vegetables exclusively, you can boil them or eat them raw. Your calories are halved and by this your body will experience dramatic change over a short period of time. Even if you do not get other fat burning food, never miss the natural green vegetables as this is a great means to achieve your goal.

8) Experts Recommend: Salads

Salads are mouth-watering fats burning food which you may not want to miss out for anything. Fruits are organic therefore it can help you shed some reasonable weight. They have so many help benefits that will freshen up your body. All you need is to just fresh fruits, pineapples, apples, guava, oranges and others according to your taste. Cut them to slices, add pinch of salt to taste and stir for few seconds. You can now enjoy your fruit salad. Eating salad on a regular will definitely help you lose fat in few months.

9) Experts Recommend: Bitter Gourd

bitter gourd

This is among the best foods for burning fats. Bitter gourd does not taste good but it has very many benefits in relation to your health, it keeps your skin moisturized and healthy purify your blood gives you a better skin texture and of course help you burn up accumulated fat. To prepare a juice for this fruit, you should peel off the skin, put it in a blender crush them, add some water which after sieve the seeds off. You are now ready to go. Drink this regularly and see for yourself the great impact.

10) Experts Recommend: Cucumber

This is a fruit for the summer, not only that this wonderful fruit keeps you hydrated during the hot sun but it equally burns your fat fast. You should consider making cucumber a part of your daily diet this summer. You really do not need strenuous exercise or workout to burn fats. Daily intake of cucumber will transform your body dramatically in a short space.

11) Experts Recommend: Turkey

In the United States, turkey is one of the most consumed foods because of the delicious nature of the meat. But then, according to research, turkey consumption helps to burn extra fats you may have accumulated. With its delicious meat, coupled with the efficiency in the burning of fats, turkey is one of the best foods that can be used to shed weight.

12) Experts Recommend: Peaunt Butter

This is a natural with all the goodness of nature, it repairs all the functions of the body so that the body performs its functions adequately. It gives the body vital nutrients and strength to keep you active. Peanut butter is also a great way to burn your fat without any complications, just easy. Put this food as part of your daily diet and you are good to go.

13) Experts Recommend: Berries

Berries are very important in any diet that burns fat. Berries improves the the rate of body metabolism and strengthens your immune system. This group of fruits are great for shedding of weights.

14) Experts Recommend: Enova Oil

If you really want to burn your fats, one thing you should give your full trust is the Enova oil. This oil is obtained by mixing together the canola and soy oil. These two oils can equally be used independently for the preparation of meals. Enova oil is guaranteed to cut down your fats in a little amount of time.

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15) Experts Recommend: Eggs

Eggs can be said to be one of the best belly fat burning food. It increases your energy and equally builds your muscles. Eggs are very effective when it comes to the burning of belly fat. Regular egg diet is all it takes to achieve the body structure you need to while shedding all of your body fat.

16) Experts Recommend: Nuts

When you talk about nuts, you are talking about the most human consumed foods which has various health benefits. Nuts are rich in magnesium which has overall health care effect on the body. It equally improves your overall mood as it has a great effect on the psychology of humans. On a very big scale, frequent consumption of nuts can make you lose fat and stay strong.

17) Experts Recommend: Milk

Most of us see milk as a great source of protein. We also know that milk contains casein. But do we equally know that milk can be as a fat burning diet. The good thing is that milk helps to improve the function of your body, gives you a great sleep and keeps you active throughout the day, especially when you take it in the morning. Milk can burn your accumulated fats, just make it part of your daily diet.

18) Experts Recommend: Tart Cherries

Another great fat burning food which contains melatonin that has proved effective when it comes to fat burning. Tart cherries are very delicious which can attract you to the food at first. To some people it makes the best food for burning fat especially when it comes to being delicious and effective.

19) Experts Recommend: Water

Do not be surprised yet, because water is an essential food for burning fats. The fact that it is common and easily reached does not make it less effective. Keep your body hydrated always and see the impact of water in your quest to burn up some body fats.

20) Experts Recommend: Grains

One of the natural food for burning fat that has proven its worth over the time is whole grains. You should know that whole grains are really very good when it comes to burning fats especially abdominal fats.

The list above is from the table of experts, and the foods mentioned are all natural foods which are easy to get. They are there for you when you make up your mind to burn your belly fat and maintain that your dream figure.

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