Is Eye Twitching Superstition Real? Or Is It Just Too Much of Alcohol, Coffee & Nictoine?

My eye is twitching! There is hardly a person who, overwhelmed with annoyance, has not spoken these words at least once. The longer it lasts, the more the annoyance escalates. The next phase is anxiety-it’s a sign of some disease. And the inconvenience of – how to go to the doctor for such a simple thing! Everyone would be worried that it will turn out ridiculous with the excessive paranoia.

Eye Flickering Considered as Superstition Back Then

The flicker of the eye is among the first things we think about when we think of people’s divination and belief, just confirming that for centuries people have been impressed by this state. Too much popular at the beginning of the 20th century are the various booklets and brochures for hygiene, divination and personality analysis according to the face and any advice.

Is Eye Twitching Telling Us Something

They believed that our body was giving us preliminary signals for the future. Trust says that playing your right eye is good and you will be fulfilled a dream, and playing your left is bad. Sometimes we wonder how many people believe in these beliefs and signs of our body. Including the fact that if you do not pronounce the poor prediction aloud, it will get away. And the greatest materialists at least wear casually – “Hey, my right eye all day flickers, it’s good” just because it’s part of a superstition belief.

No Need To Be Worry

Fortunately, in most cases, the flicker of the eye and eyelid happens without cause, it is a harmless and harmless thing and it goes by itself. But if it lasts long, it bothers us and causes discomfort, it is good to discuss it with a specialist. At least for self-reassurance

The phenomenon also has a medical term – called eyelid myokymia (from ancient Greek, a combination of the words “muscle pain” and “wool”). It is believed that it results from nerve blocking. The good thing is that others do not notice anything, although it seems to us that the twitch is too visible.
If he does not go by himself, as usual, we will have to go to an ophthalmologist or a neurologist. Playing the eye could signal that it is time to put glasses, change our diopter, or that it is a neurological disorder.

Alcohol, Coffee & Nicotine Relations With Eye Twitching

When eye play is longer, it may be due to overdose, or alcohol and coffee use, nicotine. It can also be caused by prolonged sightings in the computer monitor, long viewing through a microscope, and excessive stalling the TV.

If, however, the eye plays so often that it makes us nervous, it is good to change some aspects of our way of life.

  • More rest, including sleep.
  • Longer to look away to rest our eyes.
  • Cut coffee and stay in smoky rooms.
  • Very strong wind and light can also be a factor in this unpleasant twitching of the eyelid, and we can limit their impact.
  • Get more vitamin you eat healthier.
  • It is also possible to have a lack of magnesium in our body.
  • Spending more time out is also beneficial.
  • Drink more herbal teas that work soothingly – from valerian and hawthorn.

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