Butt Toning In No Time: 7 Exercises Firming The Butt That Aren’t Squats

You need to tone your butt and look more sexy in your jeans. But you are obviously tired of squatting, now you are thinking of ways to get around it. The good news is here, all you need to do is incorporate these new exercises that will definitely tone up your backside at every point. They will make your butt firm, by working up your hamstrings and glutes muscles, also giving you a fitter butt.

7 Exercises to Add to your Routine & Get Ready for your Perfect Butt Lifted at all Angles

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1) Glute Bridge For Butt Toning

glute bride for firmer but

This exercise is very effective making you feel the working of your glute as you perform the exercise.

– lay back on the mat bending your knees

– let your feet be near your butt and apart by hip distance.

– push your heels to raise your hips off the mat, squeeze your glutes.

– stretch your body to form a straight line from your shoulders to the knees.

– lower your back to the mat.

– keep repeating the process.

2) Lateral Leg Raises

lateral leg raises

This is a simple exercise that can build your glute. You can do it with only your body weight at the comfort of your home.

– start with keeping your palms flat on the floor and kneeling. Keep your palms and knees shoulder apart.

– raise one leg up from the side till it gets to hip level, while engaging the muscles of your abs.

– stay in the position for few seconds and then return to the initial position.

– while you keep your back level always, do not shift your weight to the side.

– keep repeating.



3) Reverse Plank Hip Lift

reverse plank hip lift for but toning

This workout targets the muscles of the glutes, abs, lower back and the triceps.

– keep a position of the reverse plank, as your back faces the floor.

– your hands should be kept below your shoulders facing your fingers forward.

– focus on driving the heels down while pushing your feet to the floor.

– lift your hips off the floor, keeping your body in a reverse plank and your hands kept straight.

– form a straight line from your chest to the knees. Lower back off.

– engage your back muscles and your glutes to raise up your hips.

– repeat the process.


4) Plank Leg Raises

plank leg raises for firmer but

This exercise will make your lower back and hip flexors work difficult.

– with your feet hip width apart, keep a high plank position.

– raise your leg and avoid bending your back, hold fast for some time, bring the leg down and repeat.

– while raising your legs, keep your spine in a stable position.

– your head should be in the same position as your neck.

– as you lift one leg, squeeze the muscles of your butt, then breathe out.



5) Resistance Band Glute Kickback

resistance band glute kick back for firm butt

This exercise involves bodyweight and pays more attention to the butt.

– keeping one end under the knee, tie the restraint band on the other leg.

– keep your foot flexed, make sure your toes are pointing downwards, then stretch out the leg to which the restraint band is tied, raising it above your butt level.

– shift your weight slightly to the side, while engaging the muscles of your abs. Make sure your butt is steady always.

– retract back your stretched foot.

– keep repeating the process.


6) Fire Hydrant

fire hydrant for butt toning

This is an exercise that targets the gluteus muscles. It stabilize the body by acting as a core, it is a single joint exercise.

– stay down on the floor with your knees and hands. Keep your palms flat on the floor and keep shoulder width apart.

– look forward keeping your neck and back straight. Make sure your right knee is bent at a 90 degree angle.

– keeping your knee bent, stretch one leg out towards the side, as to keep your thigh parallel to the floor.

– Make sure that your butt is always stable.

– lower the right leg now, to the initial position.

– repeat the process.

7) Stiff Leg Deadlift

stoff ;eg deadlift for firmer butt

This is one of the best butt toning exercise, that makes your muscle work simultaneously.

– standing on your feet hip-width apart, share your weight evenly across the legs.

– hold on each hand free weight (barbell), keeping your arms straight.

– Make sure your butt muscles are squeezed.

– bend to lower your upper body at the hips.

– keep your back flat as you push your butt back.

– the upper part of your body should be nearly parallel to the floor.

– lastly, stand up straight as you push with your heels.

– repeat the process.

The routine to build your butt may not be quick as you may expect, but it will surely yield a great result especially when good diet is equally involved.

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