Study Concluded: 5 Eating Techniques To Help Lose Weight

Ethically, it is right to eat at the dinning room but you would want to agree with me that there is more fun associated with eating you meal while watching that favorite TV program of yours. However, if your priority is losing weight, you might just be forced to focus on your food than that favorite TV program.

Study confirms: Eating Mindfully Helps Lose Weight

According to just concluded research, it was discovered that weight is lost faster when eating mindfully compared to not eating mindfully. More so, a follow-up on this process equals a loss of a significant amount of pounds.

Researchers went further to state that when an individual decides to have a healthy eating pattern for a month, such individual lose about 5% of their weight but they certainly would gain it back except if they are very intentional to keep eating mindfully and healthily.

There is a difference in knowing the right thing to do and doing it. Below are some 5 eating advices that would help lose weight.

1 – Fill up your dishware with proteins, more preferably, plant-based. It is very difficult to over eat them since they are filling.

2 – Take up the task to eat for 20 minutes at least per meal. Eating at a slow pace would help you satisfy your fullness and hunger cues. It would be more fun if you see this as a game rather than a task. Try fun-filled strategies like dropping your fork after a bite, counting say 30 seconds before the next bite.

3 – Always do a self-enquiry to find out if your desire to eat is based on stress or not before consuming that Cheetos. If it is stress, you are perfectly fine but why not try journaling or yoga? Or better still, taking few deep breaths could be of help.

4 – If there is an urge to spoil your self silly with a treat, make sure it is something you love. Enjoy every bite and once you lose interest, please stop it. The pleasure is usually derived upon first bite as there is rarely any need to finish it all before achieving satisfaction.

5 – Endeavour not to eat while reading, watching TV, or working. It is a total waste of time trying to. Although, this might be very boring and difficult to adjust to at the initial stage, trust me, you would adapt with time.

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