Drinking Tequila Could Help You Lose Weight

Alcohol is usually labeled as harmful and affecting our health in a negative manner. While this is true to some extent, some alcohols can also be helpful with weight loss, a new study confirms.

Namely, the study encourages researchers and alcohol-hating experts to look deeper into how alcohol, or tequila to be exact, dissolves fats quickly and efficiently. Below, read how the study sided with tequila and supported its health benefits in terms of weight loss.

Tequila Encourages Weight Loss, a Study Says

It all started with a research by the American Chemical Society. More specifically, this organization looked into how tequila affects the blood sugar levels in the body. Usually, many assert that alcohol can trigger high blood glucose levels, due to its sugary content. Unlike with many tested alcohols, tequila not only showed opposite results but proved that it can reduce high blood sugar levels as a result of its sugar content.

Tequila is made from blue Weber agave, which is also referred to as weberi agave, weber agave, and agave tequilana, when speaking scientifically. What the study found is that this compound is responsible for a significant drop of weight in tested mice.

Agave plants possess natural sugars which are known as ‘agavins’. These sugars cannot be dissolved or digested, which is why they cannot affect your existing blood sugar levels. Quite to the contrary, tequila regulates and diminishes high blood glucose levels because it contains these non-digestive sugars.

The study used mice for comparison, and it also found that mice which only received agavins-infused water instead of regular food, showed lower blood sugar levels than mice who were fed regularly. In addition, mice which consumed agavins, showed increase in the hormone, GLP-1, which suppresses unhealthy cravings and triggers insulin production.

Because of this, the study finds agavin, therefore, tequila, useful for regulating the blood sugar content in the body.

How is Tequila Made?

As stated above, tequila is made from a plant. Agaves grow over a period of 8-10 years before they can be used for producing tequila. After the harvest, the agave undergoes a process of extracting its essence. The plant is then sliced and cooked in so-called autoclaves. In the meantime, the starches turn to sugars through a process of fermentation. With this, producers get alcohol content which is then distilled, aged and ultimately, bottled as a tequila drink.

As with everything else, tequila is to be consumed moderately. Alcohol still does a certain damage to your liver, so it is always best to be cautious when consuming tequila. Still, unlike other alcohols and when consumed wisely, tequila can be both a party-mood enhancer and a weight-loss promoter.

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