Scientist Discovers The Sixth Sense – PIEZO2 Gene Discovered

The gene , which is responsible for sixth sense is established, say researchers. The gene, known as PIEZO2 and was first mentioned in medical journals years ago. However, scientists had not been clear how much we rely on it for control of touch and proprioception – the sixth sense, which refers to the awareness of the body in space.

Experts from the National Institutes of Health in the United States explore ways in which this gene may be more pronounced in some people. The data resulting from the study of two independent patients, one of whom is 9, and the other 19 years old.

The Risk Of Gene Mutations Leads To Catastrophic Health Consequences

They mutations in genes lead to problems associated with movement and balance, and loss of some forms of touch. The girls have difficulty walking, deformations in the thighs, fingers and feet and abnormally curved spine.

Despite their difficulties, both patients cope with the challenges in their lives, relying on vision and other senses. It turns out that 19-year-old girl who was an Olympic gymnast, undoubtedly there is something else that helps the brain it can “make” your body to perform certain movements .

To investigate gene specialists include two girls in the study, during which they go through a series of spatial tests. It was found that without their eyesight, patients lose almost all sense of what their body does, including stumble in trying to go.

Scan of the brain of patients is not apparent response when the palm of their hand touches metal object.

In some cases, girls have feelings, but their reactions are different. One girl said she feels prickly and unpleasant. Brain scans also establish different patterns of activity.

Both have normal nervous system , can feel pain, itching and heat. Their brain function was also normal.

The Sixth Sense Gene

According to researchers, a tiny genetic mutation is responsible for this elusive “sixth sense.” According to experts PIEZO2 a gene touch and proprioception among people and understanding of his role in these senses could be key in combating various neurological diseases.

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