Study Discovers The Secret Of A Long Marriage

The way your partner reacts to good news about your spouse can predict the duration of the relationship. This is stated in the data of a new study that explores the brains of happily married couples. The idea of the researchers is to discover the secret of a long and happy family life.

Results Show Happy Married Women Are More Sensitive in a Positive Way

Canadian researchers studying brain signals to married, older women while their husbands watch how experience different emotions. From the results it is clear that a happy married women are significantly more sensitive to the unexpected positive emotions of its halves rather than negative.

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Experts explain that many of us tend to think that we choose partners who help us with the problems that fight. This is an integral part of the “good” connections. According to science, however, more often the choice is determined by how well it makes us feel a partner.

Toronto Institute Study: Womens Brain Activity Is Greater When They Watch Their Partners

Experts from the Rotman Research Institute (RRI)  in Toronto tested 14 women who had married an average of about 40 years.

For example, the video may be titled “Wedding Day” and instead aired response to the recall of a car accident. The idea of the videos is to confuse and surprise the participants with respect to their reaction.

It was found that brain activity among women is greater when they watch their spouses, but only when past experience positive emotions. Also, women who reported more satisfaction with their marriage, show greater brain activity in areas associated with empathy.

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