Avoid 12 Bad Sleeping Habits & Receive The Deserved Night’s Sleep

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1) Don’t get into bed having cold feet:

Before going to bed, warm your feet every time.

2) Having no bedtime routine:

Just like brushing your teeth, washing your face, setting up a routine before bedtime will let your brain know when it is time to sleep.

3) Drinking coffee about 4 hours before bedtime should be avoided:

Caffeine will keep you awake for a longer time since it is bad to have before bedtime.

4) Some sleep postures should be avoided:

Sleeping onto your left side enables your body to rest as advised by experts.

5) Electronic devices should be far from the bed:

The brightness of the screen from scrolling on your tablet or phone right before bedtime has a negative effect since it prevents the brain from falling asleep.

6) Avoid books:

If you read before bedtime, then you are bound to stay awake for much longer.

7) Bright alarm clocks should be avoided:

Anything that is alike to light can bring your attention to it and generate sleep disturbances that make sure that you’ll not wake up feeling rested in the morning.

8) Before Bedtime, don’t drink:

Disturbing your sleep, fluids will make you go to the bathroom throughout the night.

9) No afternoon naps:

The latter will change your sleep routine and should be avoided since it will make you feel rested longer meaning your body won’t need sleep at night.

10) No to low-quality mattress:

So as to wake up full energized and rested, it is imperative to have qualify mattresses for a good night sleep.

11) No eating 2 hour before bedtime:

Since digestion process keeps the body awake, lying down with a full stomach won’t get you sleep.

12) No exercises 3 hours before bedtime:

The reason you cannot fall asleep is that when exercising, the body is filled with adrenaline.

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