Cranberries Potency – Take Control Over Your Body Health, When Balancing The Microflora

Cranberries for over a decade are recommended for cystitis and urinary problems. There were even studies that deny their favor. The fact is that berries and other foods could not heal, because if so would not need drugs. Food, however, can certainly be useful in the other direction because of the particular composition, as is the case with cranberries.

Study Shows The Health Potency of Cranberries

Quite new study by University Fletcher finds that its usefulness is not limited to the urinary tract and can help boost cardiovascular health, including brain and immunity.

This effect of cranberries due to specific polyphenols in them, except that they are good antioxidants help to improve the functioning of the kidneys, heart health and circulation.

Polyphenols: The Neglected Remedy

Such polyphenols found in green tea, coffee and red wine. Contained in most berries such as blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, strawberries, elderberry and even plums.

Preventing is Easier Than Healing – Balancing Body’s Microflora

Researchers found, however, that the ingredients in cranberries have the potential to improve the balance of intestinal microflora can be used to help to control blood pressure, regulation of blood lipids and normalize blood sugar. The juice of cranberries and dried fruit suitable for consumption even for people with type 2 diabetes, because their content of sugar and calories is low.

According to the lead researcher Jeffrey Blambarg Center for the Study of nutrition on the issues of aging yet to university to study the bioactive constituents of these fruits and their effects on microbiota human metabolism and cardiovascular health.

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