Anyone Who Constantly Speaks On a Cell Phone Must Know This

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If the mobile phone was a luxury just 20 years ago for businessmen, it has now become a daily necessity. Smartphones are used not only for business, but even for students who do not even have the multiplication table yet.

And if in the early days of cell phones only hinted at the bad effects of these devices for people, now such warnings are constantly heard. We suggest you know if the smartphone really is as dangerous as it is.

The harm from the phone

Learning the harm from mobile phones is quite serious. The US National Oncology Institute identifies three main reasons for “mobile phones” to be dangerous.

Each work device has radio frequency radiation, which has a detrimental effect on every living organism. And as the number of users continues to grow, the huge electromagnetic background that affects everyone is growing.

Communication increases, as a result of which the number and duration of calls increase. On the other hand, the improvement of smartphones motivates people to use them more often, which adds even more weight to the body.

However, most scientists believe it is doubtful that frequent use of a cell phone leads to cancer. Indeed, during the conversation when the device is pressed to the ear, the radiation acts so that the tissues near the phone are heated. But there is no direct link between such an increase in temperature and cancer. And if a person uses a headset or speaks on the loudspeaker, then the radiation on it almost has no effect.

But there are other factors that are not in favor of phones:


There are no people to wash their hands before and after each use of the mobile phone. Because of this, telephones become an environment for many microbes and even Escherichia coli. Therefore, the hands should be kept clean and the phone itself should be wiped with a clean cloth or napkin.


According to statistics, only on the road daily due to inadvertentness due to a mobile phone, only in the United States, about 10 people die and more than 1,000 get injuries of varying severity. The situation is not better in other countries. Distracted by the phone, drivers are losing concentration behind the wheel, leading to catastrophic consequences.

Overloading the eyes

Every active mobile phone user experiences fatigue in their eyes. What can we say about children and adolescents who are willing to sacrifice their sleep just to watch the little screen longer? But the bright light quickly tired of your eyes. To adapt to viewing screen images, we unconsciously include more eye muscles. Therefore, the eyes are tired and injured. In addition, the smartphone is extremely poor for the quality of sleep, leading to a number of other health problems. The silly habit of charging the phone to the bed just increases the overall harm.

Is the phone dangerous?

Everyone has to answer this question for themselves. But while there are discussions about the possible damage to electromagnetic radiation to the human body, we see a very real danger elsewhere on portable devices. Therefore, mobile phones should be used wisely without becoming hostage to new technologies.

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