Changing The Underwear Daily: Protecting Vagina’s Good Bacteria

Changing of your underwear everyday is a hygienic procedure to be followed for a healthy lifestyle. Every parent makes this known to their children especially the female ones. Personal hygiene is also affecting married couples. But the major reason why this advice should be followed is not knowing by most of you. In this article I have compiled the optimum ways of living a life of personal hygiene. You may have known by now that too much of everything is bad so is cleanliness and as much poor cleanliness is equally bad.

The Good Vagina Bacteria: Keep Out Of Too Much Soap, But Change Your Underwear!

When you talk about female reproductive organs, it worthy to note that, it is not advisable to use soaps inside the vagina for it can be harmful to the vagina. This female organ had protective bacteria which protects the organ and it has the ability to maintain its own cleanliness. Therefore, it does not require any extra cleaning to be neat. You must not neglect personal hygiene as it is very crucial to healthy living. This personal hygiene involves in a great way daily changing of underwear accompanied by constant washing.

Now, it is time you know that the underwear you are putting on is great trap for bacteria. The relatively moist area of the vagina and the anal area provides a conducive environment for bacteria to flourish. For this particular reason every person no matter your gender should take proper care of your hygienic life and endeavour to change and wash your underwear on every day basis. To avoid infections and irritations.

This rule of everyday change of underwear is one you may want to ignore but before you do so, you can as well read to know what not changing your underwear on a regular basis can cause to your body.

Critical Infections: Are Pose When You Don’t Wear Fresh Underwear Each Day

It is a common thing that infections are facilitated by sweating. Whenever you tend to sweat much maybe due to weather conditions or tedious work, you may find it important to change your underwear since this may lead to the growth of bacteria that can cause critical infections. It is also important you put the material for your undies into due consideration. It is noteworthy that synthetic fabric aids infection as it increases sweating. Cotton material undies can serve well since cotton absorbs moisture effectively for it is breathable.

Not Changing Underwear Each Day Cause of: Urinary Tract Infections (UTI)

When you experience frequent urination and you equally experience pain and burning feelings while urinating. You can as well be go for a check-up as you might be suffering from Urinary Tract Infections. This experience can be quite unbearable and requires proper attention and treatment. If this disease is not properly taken care of, it can complicate to pyelonephritis a kidney infection that is deadly.
If you do not change your underwear daily, you may stand a chance of contracting a Urinary Tract Infection, which is caused by the advancement of bacteria through the vagina to the bladder. This process can be aided by lack of change of underwear.

Rashes and Infections

Constant itching is a sign of rashes and Infections. It makes the skin appear as burns injury and subsequently develops to open injury, this case is regarded as inflammation. This part of the body barely receives air and as such complicates matters like this. The simple question is do you prefer to go through all these just because you do not want to change your underwear daily. The choice is yours!

Itching Excessively: Harbouring Bacteria

When you do not change your underwear daily, it harbours bacteria which causes irritations and excessive itching which when not treated adequately can result to serious complications.

Development of Heavy and Awkward Odour

Changing of your underwear everyday is a way to prevent body odour. The truth is no matter which part of your body odour is coming from, it is always embarrassing, talk of when is comes from your intimate part. Just change and wash your undies and avoid people staying away from you.

Ways to Adopt a Good Personal Hygiene

Taking proper care of this part of your body can be very stressful and difficult to achieve. Since this place stays moist through the day and continues sweating. This causes uneasy feeling from the part of the body. This is because bacteria thrive in such a condition.

Maintaining a healthy personal hygiene is important to keep your area clean and fresh. Various studies have suggested that changing of your underwear everyday is a way to go in order to prevent infections and stay safe. If you are of the habit of exercising, it is good to know that you can put extra effort by changing your underwear twice a day, since your sweat tendency is higher.

Other healthy living habits you can adopt includes:
  • superficially washing your public parts, one or two times a day.
  • clean both front (vagina) and back (anus).
  • soap and harsh cleansers must be avoided.
  • proper hand washing of the underwear is recommended.

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