5 Early Cancer Symptoms That Over 85% Of People Ignore

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What are the early signs of cancer and are you in a risky group? Most people do not know the warning signs on some of the most common and deadly forms of cancer. Disturbing new studies have shown that a huge percentage of people are unaware of any of the symptoms of lung cancer, for example, which disease is one of the leading causes of the deaths of thousands of people worldwide.

Early Cancer Diagnosis Can Save Lot of Lives

Very often, treacherous disease is diagnosed at a very late stage, when there is almost no benefit from the treatment. Those skilled in the art are certain that early diagnosis can play a huge role in saving tens of thousands of lives. Therefore, knowing the symptoms is crucial for everyone.

Lung cancer is one of the most common malignancies in men worldwide, but is also common among women. Statistics show that there are more than 3500 people in the world who suffer from lung cancer in a year, and in a huge percentage of cases they are fatal.

In general, the most affected are people over the age of 60, but unfortunately recently the disease is more and more affected by people at a much earlier age.

When do you need to visit a specialist? Experts agree that cancer can almost always be cured, as long as it is diagnosed at a very early stage. But people usually turn to a doctor only when the disease has spread to the point where it is already incurable.

The Following Cancer Symptoms When Noticed, Seek Medical Attention Immediately!

Unexplained weight loss

The sudden loss of appetite, which has lasted long over time, and weight, respectively, is one of the most common cancer warning signs. These symptoms are usually an indicator of pancreatic cancer, stomach, esophagus or lung.

Of course, the cause of these symptoms may not be cancer, other illnesses such as thyroid hyperfunction, diabetes, liver disorders or severe depression.

Continuous Feeling of Fatigue

If you often feel needing a nap, and in particular – at least twice a day in 3-4 hours, although sleeping enough at night, you need to check what this is due to. Apart from other illnesses, permanent fatigue can be one of the symptoms of cancer, more often – leukemia, colon cancer or stomach. Exhaustion can also be due to anemia, sleep disorders, cardiovascular disease, fibromyalgia or arthritis.

Skin Irritation

Most people are aware that moles often can be an indicator of cancer, especially those with asymmetric shape where one side does not match the other. The change in color, as well as their increase, may also be related to the presence of melanoma.

What most of you probably do not know is that skin irritation or frequent skin changes in certain areas, including frequent skin rashes, can also be a precursor to a particular form of cancer. In medical practice, cases are known, such as allegedly harmless scalp irritation or rashes in certain areas of the body that were actually a symptom of lung cancer.

Hard Swallowing or Chronically Hoarse Voice

These symptoms, along with ulcers in the oral cavity, abnormal bleeding, pain or numbness in the oral cavity, chronic inflammation of the throat can be a precursor to oral cancer.

A chronically hoarse voice can also be the result of gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), allergies, throat or larynx cancer, thyroid hypophyseal function, and may be due to smoking.

Blood in Urine – Warning Sign for Colon Cancer

The severity of this symptom is often overlooked by patients as it is more often associated with common urinary tract inflammation. However, the presence of blood in the urine may be a clear sign of bladder cancer.

Bladder cancer is often diagnosed at one of its end stages, for Bladder cancer is often diagnosed at one of its end stages because people reject the possibility of malignancy. The presence of blood in the stool may be a warning sign for colon cancer.

Unexplained Pain

It is possible that the sudden severe pains indicate the presence of testicular or bone cancer. Headache, which is not affected by any medication, does not always mean migraine, but a brain tumor. Unwarranted back pain may be due to colon or ovarian cancer.

Practice shows that unexplained, frequent pain in different parts of the body in a significant percentage of cases is a sign of cancer.


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